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TRECK Home ImageCareer, connections, and confidence for YOUR FUTURE.

Finishing high school is exciting! The next steps can be a little tricky. What if you had someone in your corner to help you plan for your future goals and support you along the way?

TRECK is a GUSD program specifically designed to support students (17-22 years old) with IEPs who have finished high school without a diploma and will be making ALL of their own decisions in their 20s and beyond. We help you identify your goals after high school, connect you with the support that you need to be successful, and guide you on your journey.

Whether you want to go to college or trade school, continue pursuing your high school diploma, just start working, or you’re still not sure, WE’RE HERE FOR YOU.

TRECK About 2TRECK Students:

  • Establish future goals with specific objectives and target dates to make real progress
  • Start their career path through employment, internships, work experience, education/training, and more
  • Build strong social connections, both personally and professionally
  • Develop confidence to navigate the variety of life’s situations and relationships
  • Assess their own strengths and needs to utilize skills and identify areas of growth
  • Evaluate their progress to determine next steps